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As you may well know previously, we’ve been operating on a new selection of cards, together with a new version of the software program that ought to be the two released this thirty day period.

We just ran out of playing cards to launch for the current assortment, so there will not likely be any further launch until we release the new version of software program. We presently filmed above 37 cards for the new assortment and twelve of them have been processed by put up generation, but they all want the new computer software to be played.

Right here is a swift overview of what to assume with the new application and the new assortment:

– A number of women on your display. You can see up to 10 displays at the exact same time.

– Shifting the women all around. You can seize any female and fall her anywhere on your monitor. They even remain on prime of windows, dangle below your mouse pointer, fall etc.

– Women are much more existing. They perform stripteases, wander all around, wait, sit or get up just before performing an additional striptease and repeat it until they have display you every thing they can do. You can dimiss them by allowing them drop below the job bar, or unselect them so they will not likely appear any longer.

– Credits will have two decimals, this is in preparing for the new price cut method. Discounts when reloading your account will not be modified, but rather of acquiring carrousel cards discounted, you will get a low cost on all playing cards dependent on your status.

– New controls. By default, left click on the lady enlarges her. Other girls on the screen at that time get hidden. If the clip is a demo, a box seems on the side of the lady making it possible for you to include her to your collection. If you already very own that card, enlarging a woman begins a striptease if she was not previously undertaking a single. One more remaining click on on the woman exits this manner and provides back the other girls as well.
In superior configurations, you can redefine the action on still left simply click to any of the 7 defauts icones underneath.
Right simply click on the female helps make the white icons look in a circle.
Clicking on the he green check disable that card and helps make the female disapear.
Clicking on the Options icon opens the VirtuaGirl interface on the configurations tab.
Clicking on the Catalog icon open both the carrousel with that women selected, if you clicked on a demo, or your selection, with that ladies picked, if you very own the card.
Clicking on the Enlarge icon enlarge the female. See earlier mentioned.
Clicking on the complete screen icon launches the complete display screen, with the girl you clicked on as the major actor.

– Coloration and lights are previously mentioned everything we ever launch. Just take the ideal that was launched just before we switched to the 4K camera, double or triple the resolutions and specifics and you’re even now a little bit away from it.

– Clip will be introduced in 720p, 1080p and 3k. (of course you possibly want a new Laptop to play ten clips at after in 3k, but if you have the processing energy, it’s there for you).

Unnecessary to say we are unable to wait around to release this, a beta variation must be offered for tests up coming week, continue to be tuned 🙂
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VirtuaGirl Software Download